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I am a senior year computer engineering student at NSIT, University of Delhi, India. I am a passionate coder, and always looking for learning new technologies. I code to create new things and solve interesting problems.
I have 3 years of programming experience in C/C++.I am active competitive programmer and have decent command over Data structures and algorithms. Apart from this, I have experience of coding in java, C#, and python-Django.
I have intermediate level Web-development and beginner level android development skills. I am also interested in Machine learning.


My Technical Skills






Javascript / jQuery





Most frequently used tools

Frameworks and Engines

  • Django
  • Bootstrap
  • Libgdx
  • Unity Engine


  • Windows & Linux
  • Git
  • Visual Studio & MonoDevelop
  • Eclipse
  • Android Studio
  • InkScape


Software Developer intern

Python-DjangoWeb-Application Backend development
VadR is a virtual reality based Ad-network.I was responsible for developing python-Django based web application and API's for fetching Ads from Inmobi and rendering it to VR-application. I also created developer Dash-Board using Bootstrap. Some Graphics were also created by me using InkScape.

Company: VadR Location: gurgaonPeriod: June 2016 - July 2016

Android Developer Intern

Libgdx  Android  Eclipse
Firstseed is a mobile game based startup. I created a 2D Android game using Libgdx library (A java based cross-platform game framework). I used Eclipse and Inkscape for development of game.

Company: FirstSeed Location: Work From HomePeriod: January 2016 - March 2016

Game Developer Intern

Unity3D C# development Extreme Reality
Nayi Disha Studious creates game for young kids to make learning fun. My task was to import motion based 3D games made with unity-engine from Xbox-kinect platform to Extreme reality platform. So that, we can play these motion based games using web-cam, before that motion of user was detected using costly Xbox-Kinect. I successfully imported platform of 4 games using unity-engine and C#.

Company: Nayi Disha StudiosLocation:New DelhiPeriod: June 2015 - July 2015


NSIT , University of Delhi

Bachelor of Engineering Computer engineering
I am studying computer eningeering at NSIT , University of Delhi. Here I have gained strong knowledge a wide variety of subjects including data structures,Computer graphics, Computer architecture, Operating Systems and DBMS.

Graduating in: June 2017



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